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Let’s start by saying that water can blend into the foliage you have growing in your backyard. Transform it into a pond, artificial river or fountain and it can stand out and become a focal feature all on its own. Water features are ideal for large gardens and for patios in smaller spaces. With the right accompaniments, and the correct position, they can also change the ambiance in a significant manner. Let’s have a look at these 10 reasons to why water features are ideal for your garden.

  1. Water introduces serenity into your garden
  2. Water makes the yard look bigger
  3. Water cools the garden down
  4. Water attracts birds and wildlife to the yard
  5. Pond plants are really affordable
  6. It allows you to create a natural habitat for fish
  7. You can add more garden designs and textures
  8. You can make use of natural sunlight
  9. You can match the ponds with your garden style
  10. Water features are easy to maintain